Tuesday, August 11, 2009

New Posting

I went and saw Julia & Julia last night, I can't tell you know how much I loved each
and every element of it. And of course an idea has stemmed from it.
I came to the idea that I will watch (from my Netflix account) some if not all
of Marlon Brando's film's and post each one in order of my watching them.
I will start with the oldest first. I can't explain where this
idea all stemmed from other than there was so much Butter
in Julia Child's recipes
and that the other Julia keep talking about butter all night, it apparently
stuck in my head.......Kate


  1. I'm glad you liked it! I'm going with my mom to see it tomorrow, and now I'm even MORE excited!

  2. We're going this weekend and I can't wait. I'll probably put on 5 pounds just thinking about all that butter. I like your idea about the Brando film! Should be fun. Hugs, Mumzie :)

  3. BUTTER and The Last Tango in Paris? I get it. ohhh you shameful, shameful woman. LOL