Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Wallpaper Wednesday

Wallpaper Wednesday the day to do a post about wallpaper.
This is Cole & Son Wallpaper.
I love this bathroom with the contemporay tiles,
natural light, organic branch for towell holder.


  1. I love the soft blue with white branches.The theme carried out with the real organic branch is so creative. I like wallpaper, but haven't done anything with it for a very long time.'ve got me thinking about wallpaper once again. Mumzie

  2. My favorite wallpaper. Ironically my wallpaper store in Scottsdale told me it was not designed to use in the bathroom I was crushed!!!
    Love the new blog & look!!!

  3. Gina, love this photo. the wallpaper is soothing, love the sink and garden bench, color and use....thanks