Thursday, September 10, 2009

Cloche Party

Hi, Ive been moving and then vacation, but did so want to participate
so here I am......the Botanical Cloche by Tracy Porter, is my favorite
$83.00 retail but soooo pretty, best to all of you!!!


  1. Hi Kate! I love these cloches...especially the next to the last one! You've got some big changes going on, huh?? Congrats!! I scrolled down and looked at the bathroom post...amazing!!! You were at Epcot? I've never seen the frenchy part....on my to-do list!! Hope you enjoyed your vacation! Happy wekend...Debbie

  2. How gorgeous that T.P. botanical cloche is!! And I'm lovin the one with the african violet and the sprouts. Very original.
    I just signed up to follow you. I cant' wait to get back and catch up on some reading here after I finish "cloching"!

  3. Oh that first cloche is lovely! Who makes it?

  4. these are just beautiful girl...and I found a frenc bakery one and it was $85.00 I walked away real quick...May you have a great weekend...Hugs and smiles Gl♥ria

  5. Hi Kate, Glad your back. Hope your vacation was great. I love all of the cloches. I am going to Nasville in Oct. and the day I get back I have a flight out to Charlotte to go to Highpoint Market for 4 days. I will be close by but no time to visit. Maybe in the spring.

  6. What a lovely cloche!! Thanks for sharing!! Have a safe move! ;)

  7. Oh they are so beautiful. I love the cloche at the end with the little bird. It is just so elegant and simple. I love that. Thanks for sharing. Please stop by and let me share my cloches with you. Country hugs, Sherry

  8. Hello Kate...

    Ohhh my...that Tracy Porter cloche really is lovely!!! I've never seen one like it before...thank you for sharing it with us for the cloche party! I also really like the old pottery with the blue design...little plant under the cloche! The base is so pretty...I love it!

    Well my friend, I wish you the best with your move! I know that it can be difficult and so time consuming! The nerve of it...getting in the way of your blogging! Hehe!!! Seriously, best wishes with the moving process!!!


  9. Thanks for sharing these beautiful cloches, Kate. I love Tracy's things, but cannot justify paying the prices. I'm too used to "wholesale cost" & I find it so difficult to have to pay full retail for some things. I'm going to furniture market next month and can't wait to see the new things. Need to look for things for my great room and the study. Plus buy some artwork and some accessories for the store.
    Thanks for stopping to comment on my cloche post. I'm off to check out your blog!
    :-) Sue

  10. Those are absolutely gorgeous! I'd love to have any of them!

  11. These are all beautiful. I love Tracy Porter, I have one of her platters, it is my favorite one.


  12. These are all so beautiful. Love the little sprouts!

  13. Love the one with the 'greens' growing in it.
    Glass, with a clay pot bottom.
    Love the combination.

    Barbara jean

  14. Love all of your cloches, and the fact that you actually use them for what they were intended for!!!

  15. lovely post. I've seen those with the blue and white base in Tuesday Mornings. :o)