Thursday, September 17, 2009

Karen White Does it Again

I have just finished Karen White's book, The Lost Hours, as most of you know, Gina and I loved her previous
book , House on Tradd Street, we even visited Tradd Street, when Gina was in Charleston in April.

Karen White writes a fast reading book, for mystery lovers. Her book The Lost Hours, will not disappoint.
Those of you who love the South, esp Savannah, Horses, well written characters, and like to solve the
mystery laid before you.
We are anxiously awaiting her new novel to be released on Nov. 1st, House on Legare Street, another
famed street in Charleston with the same characters as House on Tradd Street.
If you have not picked up a book by Karen White yet, run don't walk to your favorite book store or library
and jump on the band wagon with us.

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  1. I know, your box is just filling up with comments from me today but I've not had the time to catch up on so many of my favorite blogs lately and decided to visit you today!

    Thanks for the recommendation! Two friends and I are planning our "girls trip" for next year and have pretty much decided that Charleston is the destination. Only one of us has ever been before and it's somewhere I've always wanted to see. These books will be fun to read to get in the mood for the trip!