Thursday, October 29, 2009

British Series Lovers...

The show's tagline was "Liverpool, 1920. Three girls on the edge of womanhood, a world on the brink of change."

Lilies details the lives of Iris, May and Ruby Moss, three Catholic sisters living with their widowed father and brother in a terraced house in Liverpool in the early 1920s. The story is set in the years immediately after First World War and, as such, the after effects of that conflict are apparent.
The story depicts a life lived on the edge of poverty. All three girls must make their own way in the world. In the course of the series, each sister tastes passion for the first time, and their lives are changed forever.
I've just finished watching Lilies, I was fascinated by it. I couldn't stop watching it, for three days. The series comes on
three disc's from Netflix.
Wonder if any of you Blogger's have ever seen Coronation Street? It's a nightly soap opera in England. I had been traveling
to England six years before I ever even watched Tv. We started going to the Uk for 3 weeks at a time and that's when I
became addicted to British TV. This series doesn't really remind me of Coronation Street, but all British TV, is higher
quality than in the US in my opinion.
If you are a British Movie or TV lover as I am, order it on your Netflix or library connection ASAP


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