Sunday, October 18, 2009

Tea at the Drake

One of the fine old Hotels in Chicago still serves a wonderful Tea.
You all know I'm a great critique of Tea. We'll believe me Tea
at the Drake is worth every penny. The room has been re
modeled since our last visit 9 years ago. They did a good
job trying to spend there money wisely. Old hotels are
expensive to restore. It's now time now for the powder rooms
to be re done (see previous post) powder room at Mills
House in Charleston.

Enjoy the photos of our High Tea.
My daughter Lindsey and I loved it, on a cold rainy
day in Chicago.


  1. Oh, I love tea and tea rooms....Looks wonderful! The last tea room I was in was at the Brown Palace in Denver last year. We didn't get to have tea, but loved checking it out. Glad you had a great time. Mumzie :)

  2. That looks FABULOUS... and that looks like the kind of place that would serve moi champagne instead of tea!