Thursday, November 26, 2009

Giving Thanks.......


Well, Ive tried it again, I gave up having Thanksgiving about 4 years ago. I "was" the hostess with the mostess. I had
Thanksgiving at my house for 21 years and then 4 years ago, I said i wasn't cooking anymore. Was it my hectic work schedule? Was it my inane sense to do everything perfect? I loved
setting the table, planning the meal, setting all the dishes, having all the friends and family over. i even invited people I had met that
had no where to go on Thanksgiving over. Am I the only person who doesn't like to make Thanksgiving dinner? After reading all the blogs, everyone but me seems to love making Thanksgiving. It just seems 5 hours of cooking, let alone the shopping and planning. Two hours of clean up, all for 30 minutes of eating just isn't adding up to want I want to do. My daughter and I
tryed going away a few years ago and then I just felt guilty on Thanksgiving Day. I have tried going out to eat and lets face
it, no one cooks Thanksgiving like you can. So what is the answer? I now have to go to work tomorrow on Black Friday, tired
along with everyone else who did the same thing I did today........cook and clean.


  1. Oooh I LOVE those cottages in the second photo... FAB!!!

  2. You're not the only one anymore. I've came to dislike it myself and am not doing it next year! We will be on vacation to return two days prior to Turkey Day is the first reason. The second is that I just absolutely am not doing it because I think each person who dines with us should have a turn doing what it is we do on that day..... If they begin to understand I may decide to host it again. No one cooks like I do, they say...and no one cleans it up like I do is what I say. :))
    You're not alone anymore!