Saturday, January 30, 2010

Night Out

I Was suppose to have a long weekend in the North Carolina Mountains this weekend with my girlfriend from Florida
but Mother Nature decided to I'm home writing blogs to you from my very warm sitting room in Charleston, SC. ( See other Blog
Last night I had tickets to see Kris Kristoffersen, I saw him years ago in Michigan. My daughter Lindsey was 1 year old ( she is
27 now!!) , it was
1983 on a rolling hill somewhere in the small wine country of mid Michigan. (in the winter it was ski country) but this sunny day
was all about wine, hot air balloons and to finish it off Kris Kristofferson preformed al fresca for everyone. I always loved
his raspy voice as well as his looks, loved all the movies, A Star is Born, Christmas In Connecticut.
I decided to go early last night and stop at a very modern bar/hotel across the street from the concert venue but being this
is South Carolina and I am completely out of my element the evening didn't pan out the way I hoped it would. After a drink and
what they called appetizers I drove to the concert. It was ample set with only a standing microphone. Needless to say Kris
didn't disappoint. His humor, strength, voice and heart were all still there. I only wish he would stop calling himself an old
man, he's still very manly in my mind.


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