Thursday, June 10, 2010

Quintessentially Charleston

I was driving to the grocer in a light drizzly rain that it does here in Charrrllleston (that is our we pronunciate Charleston ) and there to my right at a busy
stop light was the most brilliant blue hydrangea in full bloom. The shade
of blue was breathtaking in the rain. I was transfixed to make a u turn in
the middle of the street to take a closer look (a stop and smell the roses
moment) I pulled into the narrow gravel drive which to my surprise was a
small cemetery hidden next to a very busy intersection. I parked my car
and walked to the hydrangea in the light rain. Sure enough hidden next to
the brilliant blue hydrangea was a head stone. I was taken from my normal
everyday life into the days of your in Charleston. I was pulled into its
history once again. Taken back into time as I love to go. To my further
surprize the gravestone read Ameilla Middleton. Anyone who know's Charleston
knows the name Middleton, one of our largest plantations is the "Middleton
Plantation" but why here? Why is Ameilla's gravestone in the middle of
heavy traffic, was this once the country? Was this her old path, she used to
travel? I am now driven to research Amellia. Just another adventure unfolding
in my new life here in Charleston


  1. Oh, what was one adventure and what a trail it led you too, awesome. I would be driven to research Amellia too. So many things to ponder!

    Great post.


  2. Thats amazing Kate & yet a bit sad, as if Amellai was left behind. One bad driver's front end could knock her down. I wonder why theres nothing surrounding the grave???
    I can't wait to find out.