Thursday, August 12, 2010

Still Decorating.....

In my boredom of looking at blank walls, my creativity apparently peaks. As I look at each wall, I see picture, picture, picture. I certainly cannot do another picture on the wall. But it is sooooo blank. Lets see, I could put wood trim on the wall and paint inside the trim??? What about another medium??? Fabric....but I do have a lot of drapes and finals.....this all came to be one evening while being bored watching
TV, apparently I'd rather decorate than watch TV.
I thought I would buy a tapestry, Ive always loved tapestries, the history of them
all, the in·tri·cate' beauty but I had been looking for just the right tapestry for about 5 years now and not found one. (another story) so then I thought to myself,
I could buy some fabric that looks like tapestry and then I said to myself, Kate
You have so much fabric, why don't you just go look at it!!!! And Wa La!! I did
have the perfect bolt of fabric I hadn't even touched....
Here is how I made my custom tapestry.
1) Measure size of wall area, to decide size of tapestry
2) Cut the fabric to size
3) I decided I liked the fraided edges,so like pulled threads out on the opposite
side and bottom of fabric (quite a project)
4)Measure pole you will use to determine rod pocket size and sew one seam for rod
5)Decide how you want the finished project to look, ie: finials, tassels etc.
6) I think I am going to add long blue and gold tassels to mine on both sides
7) Hang brackets for wood pole


  1. Wow! Aren't you creative! That is stunning. I like the idea you have of adding tassels, too. Isn't it something how you had it all along, and just didn't realize it? It gives your wall such a warmth.

  2. Pretty fabrics! How are you... hope all is well with YOU!!!

  3. Thank you for stopping by and letting me know you're alive, LOL!
    I hope you are well and enjoying your adventures!
    I hope you find a home that is for you!
    We were in Hendersonville a few weeks ago for the Apple Festival--thought about you, but couldn't really do anything about it, as I had to take two college girlies (my daughter and her roomie) back to Furman, as my daughter was feeling ill.
    I know you will find your own little cottage, so try to enjoy the process-it's fun right? RIGHT?!?! LOL!