Wednesday, January 25, 2012

A Shopping We Will Go.....

Gina and I love to hunt and peck for all the special things we add to our houses
that we call Home. We have shopped from Florida to North Carolina and every nook and cranny of Summerville, SC.
We start our day with tea and Homemade scones on my side porch. Then shop till we drop but always end
each adventure with a yummy desert for two!! I hope this post finds you enjoying
your day!!

Sunday, January 15, 2012

Behind the Gates of Charleston

Have you ever peeked into the Gates that surround all those Charleston
gardens...wondering, wishing, dreaming. Here is your chance.

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Trip to Cally

I was lucky enough to visit Los Angeles, California this October, my oldest
daughter moved from Chicago to LA last year. The photos are all taken at the
Getty perched in the Hills with gorgeous vistas from all sides. It is well worth
the trip from the art to the gardens!! Enjoy.
*Gardens-Maze at Getty
*Fainting Couch
*Decorative Arts Building
*Over the Top French Bed

Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Charleston has only had snow one time in the last 10 years, Sunday, Boxing Day,
surprized us with the second snow of the decade.

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Still Decorating.....

In my boredom of looking at blank walls, my creativity apparently peaks. As I look at each wall, I see picture, picture, picture. I certainly cannot do another picture on the wall. But it is sooooo blank. Lets see, I could put wood trim on the wall and paint inside the trim??? What about another medium??? Fabric....but I do have a lot of drapes and finals.....this all came to be one evening while being bored watching
TV, apparently I'd rather decorate than watch TV.
I thought I would buy a tapestry, Ive always loved tapestries, the history of them
all, the in·tri·cate' beauty but I had been looking for just the right tapestry for about 5 years now and not found one. (another story) so then I thought to myself,
I could buy some fabric that looks like tapestry and then I said to myself, Kate
You have so much fabric, why don't you just go look at it!!!! And Wa La!! I did
have the perfect bolt of fabric I hadn't even touched....
Here is how I made my custom tapestry.
1) Measure size of wall area, to decide size of tapestry
2) Cut the fabric to size
3) I decided I liked the fraided edges,so like pulled threads out on the opposite
side and bottom of fabric (quite a project)
4)Measure pole you will use to determine rod pocket size and sew one seam for rod
5)Decide how you want the finished project to look, ie: finials, tassels etc.
6) I think I am going to add long blue and gold tassels to mine on both sides
7) Hang brackets for wood pole

Friday, August 6, 2010

Roosters, Roosters Everywhere!!!

Seems everywhere I go now I see Roosters!!!
A few photos above:
Rooster's available at Dillard's Homestore
Rooster picture Linda painted for the Saluda Showhouse
opening tomorrow in Flatrock, NC

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Bring Your Appetite!!

1) Start with the Cool Mountain Air
2) The Freshest Ingredients
3) Good Company
4) Bon App├ętit
( I took all the photo's except the watermelon sorbet, which I did
make from fresh watermelon, but forgot to photograph, (as we were
having to much fun by the time we got to that course) mine wasn't
as pretty but tasted wonderful!!)