Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Autumn at Cath Kidson

Don't you just love Autumn Colors, maybe its me, I've always love fall. The
smell of the air, the cool change of the breeze.
Living in Charleston now, after 22 years in Florida has been a wonderful
My front porch is decorated with pansies and purple mums. Can't wait to
break out the sweaters. Each morning brings a new coolness.
I'm here in Hendersonville,NC, yesterday and tomorrow. The mountains are lovely
this time of year. I will post photos tomorrow.


  1. You are a Spring and Fall girl. I love the cooler weather too. When I ride my bike at 6:30 am here in Fl. it is just right about
    73 degrees. lovin it.

  2. It sounds just wonderful. I am imagining your purple mums since I've been waiting for cooler weather here to plant some myself. I'm thinking yours must be lovely. And I love that Cath Kidston sweater! I want that! Did you know she's got a 2010 Engagement Calendar out? You can get it at Amazon for only $10.39! I might NEED that. ;-)