Sunday, October 4, 2009

North Carolina Mountains

I was lucky enough to be In Hendersonville, NC, this week and promised some photos of
my great but short trip.
So here they are.......Gina and I were here in April for my birthday celebration at the Biltmore
House in Asheville, we drove through the same Blue Ridge Mountains and stayed at the same great
hotel. I have to recommond this hotel to everyone.
It is called Mountain Lodge and or Mountain Inn and Suites (which was the origanal Hotel)
they built Mountain Lodge pictured here, just last year as an addition to there hotels
It is located off the exit for Flatrock, NC just south of Hendersonville off Highway 26. Scott your host,
welcomes you back each visit, as if your coming Home. I hope you enjoy my photo's as much as I enjoyed my trip!!

Driving into the Mountains from Charleston.

The leaves starting to change.

Mountain Lodge

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  1. Well it seems like yesterday when we were there. It looks like yummy brisk fall weather. Maybe I will be back in the spring for your wedding!!!!!!Can't wait