Friday, November 6, 2009

Turkey Day Dishes......

I think I love making the table, more than the cooking!! i love to decorate the
table a few days before, then cover it with a sheet, so it is ready on Thanksgiving.
I never seem to have enough days to get ready for Thanksgiving, it is one of
those holidays, that i always have to work the day before or after and I am always the
one cooking. But I love the smells in the house and the parade on TV, and all
the relatives mulling around, while I slave in the kitchen. Not really I do have
many fond memories and hopefully many more to come.


  1. We are having Thanskgiving at Daughter's new home this year and if this weather holds I have a great idea for an outside themed dinner!!! I am so excited. I love these Turkey dishes..are they yours?????
    The post below is a great one.. I must ponder that one....

  2. Hi, Kate!!!
    How is your daughter doing?