Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Visit Flat Rock North Carolina

I visited Hendersonville/Flat Rock, NC this 4th of July weekend. Most of you know
I have been vacationing in the Mountains for over 15 years via Florida.
Last year Linda Spry, owner of Mountain Home and I went into a joint venture and opened a shoppe on Main Street in downtown Hendersonville, NC.
Fast forward a year and Linda and her husband Charles have moved there
business to 317 N. Main Street in Downtown Hendersonville. (Mountain Home)We visited the upcoming Showhouse in Flat Rock over the holiday weekend. I'm giving you a
peek at the 2010 Flat Rock Designer Showhouse, opening August 14 - 29th.
Linda owner of the now Mountain Home is transforming the kitchen of this marvelous home.
Above are photo's of
* the beautiful Saluda Cottage, as it was named in the 1800's
* Linda and I relaxing at a new pub after a long day of having fun....
I can't wait until August to see the end result!!!


  1. Wow--we often are up in the Saluda area around the 4th but this year we didn't go. I enjoy Hendersonville, too.

  2. Oh how wondrful, Kate! I rushed right over when I saw Flat Rock! I grew up near by...not far from Waynesville...another wonderful little mountain town! The house is gorgeous! Can't wait to see the kitchen! Happy week!...hugs...Debbie

  3. I just now understand your comment to me in one of my posts!
    I will have to take a drive up to Hendersonville!
    It's 45 minutes Northeast of here.
    When I do, I will let you know--
    Do you just vacation there, or spend part of your year there?
    THAT is A gorgeous home!
    I would need three maids!

  4. What a great looking place! I like you pub too! Thanks for stopping by for a visit--Jacqueline

  5. What a wonderful place to vacation. Hope you have a lovely time.