Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Happy Birthday Gina from Karen White!!!!!!

Surprise, Surprise, I was privileged to meet Karen White one of Gina's and my favorite authors!!
I told Karen the story how I had moved to Charleston from Florida and my best friend and I started a blog to stay in touch. Months later Gina had told me about a great author who writes about Charleston (Karen White).Gina and I started with House on Tradd Street and have since read all Karen's other
books. When Gina visited me in Charleston on my birthday, we went down to Tradd
Street, walking as we discussed the houses, the ghosts, the stories that Karen had
started for us.
Here Today on Gina's birthday, I display my proud photo of Karen signing Gina's books for her bookshelf (she reads from a Kindle) as keepsakes of all our memories!!
Happy Birthday Gina!!!

Love, Kate


  1. tee...heee. I knew something was up when I told you about her new book and that was your response tee..heee. I just finished reading her new book 2 min. ago and decided to look at my email which then led me to our blog and there I see you and Karen White. I then open my birthday package from you to find my 2 favorite books signed by the author. Thank you thank you. You know this just played out like a mystery in one of her novels how funny is that. Thank You!!!! gina

  2. Miss you lots, hope you had a Great Birthday at McAllister's!!! and had a half pint for me, but of the good stuff.
    Love Ya, Kate

  3. Hi Kate! What a fun treat for Gina for her birthday! I haven't read the books, but now I am adding them to my list! I visited Charleston as a child, but have plans to return...lovely city! I was tickled to find out that you are a fellow Quimper lover! I hope you are having a wonderful weekend...hugs...Debbie