Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Bring Your Appetite!!

1) Start with the Cool Mountain Air
2) The Freshest Ingredients
3) Good Company
4) Bon Appétit
( I took all the photo's except the watermelon sorbet, which I did
make from fresh watermelon, but forgot to photograph, (as we were
having to much fun by the time we got to that course) mine wasn't
as pretty but tasted wonderful!!)


  1. I'll take that sunset!

  2. Thanks for stopping by to see my 'Lemonade Cart!' I love ALL of the beverage dispensers in your post! I wish I had room to store more! They are perfect for gatherings, parties, and when my children have 1 million friends over! :) We moved from Charleston in 2000 and a piece of my heart stayed there! It is a lovely place! We live in the upstate now just below Charlotte, NC! We have a little cottage that we rent and come several times a year...I love it so! Have a great week!

    three pixie lane

  3. I love the beautiful picture of the watermelon sorbet!

  4. What great photos! Thank you for visiting today.
    You have a pretty blog here.