Sunday, July 25, 2010

Two Peas In a Pod

When I was in the UK, one of my favorite things to do was to walk down to the
Tesco every day. You don't keep as much food in England as we do here, it's more the custom to get your food fresh for each day's meals, I was in the habit of taking a nice walk after breakfast, taking in the local ambiance, as I walked to the post (to drop off my cards), the bakery and Tesco.
The first aisle as you enter Tesco are the magazines and newspapers (Daily Mail and Sun) I loved to stand there and browse!!!! Can you imagine, a kid in a candy store!!
When I returned home to the States, I was always disappointed that I could not get many of my favorite reading materials here, or if I could it was a huge shipping price.
Fast forward, Gina and I being the two pea's in a pod that we are, (I swear we have the same brain!!!)I from Charleston found a great subscription to one of my favorite
English Magazines, (see above English Home) and Gina from Florida was at the same
time looking for her beloved Scottish Magazine. We both were elated and on a weekly phone call decided to tell each other about our great finds!!!!
Even more proof that two great minds think alike....please ck them both out I'm sure
you will get as much enjoyment as we both have. I will always think of Gina now
as I take my English Home out of my postbox!!!



  1. What a great post Kate and what a grand looking magazine!


  2. What is so weird, Kate, is that last week, actually on Mark's and my anniversary night, we stopped in Barnes and Noble after our dinner, and I grabbed all the UK decorating mags and looked through them all!!
    One COOL thing I found in one of the kitchens was a sink spigot which sat to the side of the regular faucet that gave water hot enough for tea! Also learned that the English don't use rugs in their kitchens much.
    I may adopt that idea :)
    You are coming to Hendersonville and Flatrock in August?? I will put that on my calendar--I would sure like to see the show house and meet you--if you'd like?
    Let's email closer to the date?
    Many blessings to you!!

  3. How fun, Kate! I miss my French home decor mags! You're making me want to swing by Barnes and Noble just to see if they are there! I hope you are having a great week!...hugs...Debbie